The Boston Harbor Elementary October Newsletter deadline is approaching! Send your short articles, photos, requests, notices, etc. to by September 25. (Our deadline is always the 25th for the following month.) If you have a message for the whole school or a fun image to share with everyone send it our way.

Notes to Consider:

  • Parents and the broader school community (district office, grandparents, etc.) love to know what kids are doing at school, and a school newsletter is a great way to show/share.
  • Based on past feedback, parent readers of school newsletters reflect the changing reading habits of most Americans!– Short is sweet, and will get attention. You’ll lose readers if your articles/notes are too lengthy.
  • Everyone loves visual additions, i.e. scans of kid work, photos, graphics that relate to what you want to share… All photos will be reviewed by staff to be sure we have permission to share photos of the kids pictured.